How to have the Best Home Building Experience

MAC Builders is proud to offer you not only the finest homes but also the best home building experience at the Jersey Shore.

Building a custom home is complicated, exciting and can even be a little bit intimidating. Knowing what to expect and selecting an excellent team of professionals will set you up for a truly enjoyable experience.

Tips from the professionals at MAC Builders

Tip #1: Establish goals

Creating a new home for yourself is all about goal setting, both practical and emotional. Ranking your list of goals will help your architect and builder focus on what’s important to you, so they can spend your money in the right places.

Tip #2: Organize your inspiration

Creating a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, how you want to live and where you want to be. Put together a board on Pinterest or an Idea Book on Houzz to share with your design team.

Tip #3: Find some land

Whether you prefer waterfront, golf course or a private estate, find a spot you can claim as your own and build what will be a home. Our design experts will be happy to provide you with a lot analysis once you narrow it down to a few favorites.

Tip #4: Assemble your team

Before you begin design, assemble a team of tried and true professionals. We recommend that you hire a full service Design-Build firm. This is the best way to ensure the design and construction cost align with your goals for the project.

Tip #5: Be decisive

Early on, make all of the decisions you have to, select all of your finishes and to the extent possible, don’t change your mind. Once construction begins, it will cost you time and money if you change your mind.

Tip #6: Communicate well

Communication, even when conflict is involved, is vital. Ask for a detailed schedule of your project. Knowing when to expect things to be done will alleviate stress and conquer fear of the unknown.

Tip #7: Accept the inevitable

You’ve made the plans, gotten the permits and secured the money; now the only thing left to do is build your house. Easy, right? Stuff happens. Stay calm, keep your sense of humor and work with your team to address the issue.

Tip #8: Enjoy the experience

The fun projects always yield the best results. The more collaborative it is, the better the outcome will be. Once your home is complete, discover how this place gives shape to your life and allows you to become the person you want to be.

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