Don’t settle for anything less than the Best Modular Home Builders in New Jersey

At MAC Builders we do a lot more than guide you through the survey, permit and engineering processes of your new modular home. Alternatively, we complete all these complex tasks for you personally. It really is this service-minded approach that adds enjoyment to your home-building process– and makes structure as easy and stress-free as you are able to.

Creating Your House’s Base

MAC Builders orders your custom home from one of the’s leading modular home companies, after getting all necessary permits. The whole building process is supervised by owner Michael Anthony Colucci who is on site to help with issues and issues because they occur, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Choosing the Perfect Home Site
Customizing Your Dream Home with MAC Builders is easy because we genuinely believe that your house must be an original design. Being an expert modular home builder, MAC Builders produces customized home plans that match your lifestyle requirements, meet or exceed your vision and support your financial allowance.

You may require help selecting the home that fits your financial allowance and location requirements, if you do not currently own a building site. MAC Builders keeps a listing of quality properties to generally meet your building needs, to simplify site selection.

Getting Permits and Variances
For many prospective homeowners, variance and permit procedures can be a challenging hurdle to home building. MAC Builders helps to improve the process by obtaining all necessary permits, directing building regulations and rules and calling required Jersey Shore township authorities.

Funding Your Modular Home
After receiving all required permits, Mac Builders orders your custom home from one of the industry’s premier modular home manufacturers. You can expect delivery of your home to the building site within five to six weeks, and home completion takes approximately two to four months, depending on your square footage and design enhancements. To guarantee that everything goes smoothly, owner Michael Anthony Colucci supervises the entire building process and is on-site to assist with questions and concerns as they arise.

Creating Your Modular Home
MAC Builders controls every part of the building process, employing strict quality-control standards are maintained throughout. While the permit and application process is being completed, our construction team prepares your site.

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