Build Your Dream Home at the Jersey Shore Today

So you want to find your dream home at the Jersey Shore but you’ve heard that  New Jersey modular homes are All the same.  This couldn’t be further from the truth however. Our selection of contemporary modular homes offers unlimited customization to meet every design and budget requirement. Choosing a NJ modular home builder opens the door to an wide selection of affordable design and style choices that might surprise and delight you.

Interior and Exterior Design Options

Every element of your new jersey modular home is designed in exquisite detail, from the very first beam to the last shingle, according to your exact specifications. You can create any style of home imaginable—and it will take less time and money to accomplish.

In addition to selecting your NJ home’s architectural style, you’ll enjoy customized interior finishing. From hardwood floors and ceramic tile to stone fireplaces and granite countertops, your options are unlimited. And because modular construction saves you money, you’ll enjoy more flexibility with your interior design budget.

State-of-the-Art Construction

In the past, new jersey modular homes sometimes evoked images of substandard construction. In actuality, New Jersey modular homes offer superior engineering, efficient building and ultimate quality control. Your new home benefits from precision factory detailing in a climate controlled environment. Even the lumber is cut with a computerized saw, guaranteeing a perfect cut unattainable by hand. All materials are then assembled without damaging exposure from rain, sleet, snow or sunshine.

Owning Your Dream Home

Your new modular home begins with a desire to live in a place that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. The right NJ modular home builder will help shape your world, inside and out, and guide you in selecting materials that express your vision. From the shape of your roof to the texture on your walls, your modular home is 100 percent yours.

Whether you are moving to New Jersey, renovating an existing home or building a new house to accommodate your changing family, MAC Builders offers unlimited custom solutions to make your architectural dreams come true.

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